Sunday, February 07, 2010

General Election : Some British MPs do Good Work

There's so much negativity in the British media about politics and our MPs (expenses scandal etc...) that it's easy to forget some MPs are trying to do a good job for both their constituents and the British public as a whole.

Was listening to the Parliament Channel in the background as I worked (woke at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep!) and it was showing the House of Commons proceeding in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 3rd February.

There was an interesting debate on election night counting and election officers being unaccountable to anyone (apparently they rank how well they performed themselves!) and that MPs generally aren't happy with the idea of not counting the votes on election night.

A debate on HIV and AIDS inspired this post. David Borrow Labour MP for Ribble South was explaining how there's a lot of ignorance in the health service, basically the stigma that if you are HIV positive or suffering from AIDS many health workers treat patients inappropriately due to ignorance of the condition.

I consider the above an example of an MP trying to do something good and it's a damn shame our media rarely (if ever) concentrates on anything positive.

As a side note my wife is sick of the news (which I watch a lot) and it's inspired her to acquire one of my other websites (I had to remove the original content) for her to post positive stuff Good Karma Blog.

So while we wait for the general election and slate the various MPs that have taken full advantage of the expenses system, remember some of them also do a good job for us behind the scenes that the media rarely report on.